Monday, January 25, 2010

All In A Day's Work. *updated with appropriate linkage*

By the end of my pregnancy with Nate I was tired in ways that I hadn't experienced with the other two. I'm sure we can add up all of the factors: the house hunt, the closing process, the packing, the moving, the adjusting, the unpacking, and well, the gestating.  Perhaps more than the physical exhaustion was the emotional one and, let's face it, I was just DOWN.  Really TIRED.  And really DONE WITH EVERYTHING.  A sort of pre-partum depression, if you will.  Honestly, by the end of a pregnancy you don't need to do anything beyond wake up to make you ready to get back in bed.  So combine the whole Waking Up Thing with everything else and I was just plain overwhelmed. And sad when I would hear about how many wonderful Fall-type things my friends were doing with their days. Up early with comforting meals in the crock pot. Apple picking. Fall walks.  It was really quite disgusting, to be honest with you. Just hearing about all of the things you were all doing was exhausting. I wondered where you got the energy. Where you got the desire.

Now that I carry my baby outside of my body rather than within and I'm starting to feel more like myself, I'm finally taking the opportunity to do all of those things and have a busy day that doesn't result in the bottom half of my legs ballooning to three-times their size. And so, without further ado, I present to you:

Things I Did Today Because I Can Function Like A Normal Person:

  • Hung three pictures on guest bathroom wall
  • Hung two pictures in our bedroom
  • Talked to my mom. Twice.
  • Talked to my mother-in-law. Twice.
  • Talked to my Nonna. Twice.
  • Called Comcast (again) and politely explained to them that after FOUR service calls last week our telephone issue was still not resolved and now our cable box was broken and no I would not bring the cable box in because it's only been here for 8 weeks and is therefore brand new and should not be broken and I have three babies at home and it's raining outside and PERHAPS Comcast could show a little customer service and have the guy who is coming AGAIN to fix the phones just fix the cable while he's here because he is trained to do so and that's his job.
  • Told Comcast Guy (still politely) (but much more sternly) (to put it lightly) that no tomorrow morning was not acceptable and that if the first guy had just done it right we wouldn't be having this conversation and that if the third guy (who actually was the first guy again) hadn't decided to leave immediately upon arrival on Saturday night with the promise that he'd come back Monday morning actually CAME BACK MONDAY MORNING then, again, we wouldn't be having this conversation. And thus scheduled ANOTHER service call for tonight. During the dinner hour. Again.
  • Printed out the remainder of Nathaniel's baptism invitations.
  • Made lunch for my family. And, not surprisingly, ate lunch alone at the table after everyone else was finished.
  • Put Jake down for his nap. (Always easy. Always want to stay in his room and hide just a little longer.)
  • Stuffed envelopes and found addresses off of because I STILL CANNOT FIND MY ADDRESS BOOK while nursing Nate.
  • Plopped Christopher on the counter while I made Paula's Beef Stew, peeled potatoes and set them in water for boiling and mashing, crushed garlic, brushed bread and set aside for broiling garlic toast, and made my mother-in-law's most delicious chocolate bundt cake EVER. (All by 2:30)
  • Switched the laundry, put away clothes.
  • Called the salesman from Macy's (because he said he'd call me today and it was 4:30 and I felt like he was avoiding me) to see when our new chairs would be delivered.
  • Told him that I was disappointed, but understood, that MY chair would not be delivered until AFTER I have 50 people at my son's baptism reception because he made a mistake and misread his computer screen.
  • Complained to Tim that HIS chair would be here next week but mine would not.
  • Complained to my mother-in-law that Tim's chair would be here next week but mine would not. (Okay so maybe I talked to her THREE times.) 
  • Told BOTH Tim and his mom that, no, I didn't want to call the manager and complain in an effort to get my furniture here when it had been promised because REALLY I have more important concerns in the next two weeks and is a CHAIR really that big of a deal and besides, what can you do?
  • Ultimately agreed with both of them that the answer to "so what can you do?" is "GET MY CHAIR HERE ON TIME."
  • Told Tim that I had dealt with enough service calls and managers and blah blah blah in the past week so if he wanted the chair here HE could call and complain and I would support him 100% but I just was not going to do it myself.
  • Listened in awe as my husband left a very diplomatic message on Macy's Guy's voicemail. (We'll see what comes of that.)
  • Invited my sister-in-law over for dinner.
  • Tested all the phone lines in the house with the comcast guy and they actually work. For now.
  • Cleaned up dinner.
  • Put all four Troy men to sleep. (Seriously. Tim is out like a light too.)
  • Had my first date with Jillian since I found out I was pregnant with Nate.
  • And, you know, wrote this.

Whew!  It sure is good to be back!


Shelby said...

Holy smokes! You did way more today than I did! Glad to hear that you're hanging up art in my bathroom =) What color are your chairs (they both came up green when I clicked the link)? Also, are you the secret location of The Blathering?

barbetti said...

You put me to shame! Seriously, bottle up your energy, I need a few shots of it! I pat myself on the back for SHOWERING. I mean, COME ON NOW.

Manda said...

Wow girl, you still Shredded after ALL THAT. You're my hero. Seriously.

Yamin said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Annie said...

Lucy - Thanks for reading! I tried to email you, but couldn't identify an address...