Friday, May 29, 2009

7 Quick Takes

1.) Tim had a job interview down in LA today. He was up at 3:30, out the door by 5, landed around 8, interview at 10, back in the car at 11:20, inside the Burbank airport at 12:45. He'll be landing in Oakland at 3:05 and back home by dinner. How's that for a quick take. From what he's told me so far, it sounds like it went really well, so here's hoping and praying. This could be a great job for him - definitely different than what he's done before, but maybe that's a good thing. Maybe it's time for a change. There's more to say, but I feel like if I talk too much right now I'll jinx something. So let's just pray, okay?

2.) Last night was our earliest bedtime night in the past week. This is because we abandoned our efforts at getting Chris to fall asleep in his bedroom and just let him fall asleep with Tim on our bed. It took him about five minutes. The Big Boy Bed transition has been a lot more difficult than I'd anticipated, and it's come at the exact time that he's discovered that he's tall enough to play with the light switches. So my little Boss of Everyone is always turning lights on and off at the most inopportune times, not the least of which is bedtime. That overhead light is so stimulating, but he doesn't want to have it off because "Me no see, Mommmeee!" I try to explain to him that you're not supposed to be able to see at night night time, but it never works. You try rationalizing with a two year old and let me know how it works for you, okay? So anyway, I've been seeking out advice as to what to do with this whole scene and I think that what we're going to do is string Christmas lights ("Hoho Lights") around his room. I have one of those adapters that you can put in your porch light so you can use a switch to turn them on and off and am hoping that it will work just as well in his ceiling fixture. This way I can string lights around his room without worrying about the wires being dangerous for him, AND when he turns on his switch he'll just turn on the pretty Christmas light rather than that God-Awful, Make You Want To Pluck Out Your Eyes Overhead Light. For a boy who still asks to watch "Ho Ho" (any Christmas movie) EVERY SINGLE DAY (okay, and also has a Santa Claus carpet on the floor in his room) this could be HEAVENLY.

3.) This morning the aforementioned son peed so much that he actually left a puddle on Tim's side of the bed. THANK GOD FOR THAT MATTRESS PAD I WON FROM FAITH & FAMILY. I certainly wasn't planning on washing sheets today, but I suppose when I drag my exhausted self into bed tonight I'll be grateful for the mishap. I swear to you that you've never seen this much pee in your life. I could have WRUNG OUT HIS SHORTS that he was wearing and they really would have dripped. If I think about it too much it makes me heave-y. So let's just leave it at that.

4.) Jacob is crawling like a superstar and it is so cute to watch. He hasn't picked up all that much speed yet, but it's so precious to watch that chubby little bottom squirming across the carpet. The problem is that he doesn't really watch where he's going, so he only stops when he hits his head on something. Today I could hear that he had reached the bookcase before I even looked up for the visual proof. This whole "not watching where he's going" thing let him directly into the edge of a Costco-sized Huggies box this morning, where he scraped up the side of his face and (how he did it I don't know) made his gums bleed all over his teeth. Good grief! Daddy goes back to work (hopefully) and boy did we get slammed on this first day of having him away. Being a SAHM with two kids (Tim's been home since Jake was born) is new to me - today was my baptism by fire.

5.) I'm super excited to meet Maggie and Emily and everyone else in Sacramento this September. I need to read some of these other blogs so that I know who I'll be spending my Saturday with. I won't deny that this trip has been the driving force behind starting back up with the blog. I've decided that Twitter is much more my style. Quick and easy. But I'm going to give the blog another try to see how it goes. I'm hoping that getting everyone back into a normal routine around here will afford me a little more time to myself to sit and write here and there. That would be nice.

6.) We were talking the other night and both agreed that if Tim DOES get this job, we'll be starting our house hunt IMMEDIATELY. Yay!!!! I've already decided that, thanks to the pregnancy, it's not premature to start packing up my winter clothes and putting them into the garage. They're not going to fit me this winter anyway, so either it will afford me more closet space until winter 2010 when I'll just bring them back in (which would mean we're still here. BOO.) OR! Or I'll already have a good amount of my clothes packed up and ready to go for the move. THAT would be lovely - the prepacking AND the move.

7.) As we speak, Rachael Ray is cooking spinach fettuccine. You know, I'm not a big fan of the colored pastas. I just don't like the taste as much. Give me some plain white pasta any day. I suppose it doesn't matter all that much right now, considering I'm supposed to be "staying away from the white stuff," as my doctor reminds me every month. But still. I'm a pasta purist. What can I say?


Shelby said...

Look at you, two posts in one week! I'm totally with you on reading the other people's blogs in preparation for Sacramento. But I really am self-conscious about not having a blog myself. I guess maybe I'll be the mystery girl?

Annie said...

Don't worry, we're still going to both by mysterious. You're the only person who reads my blog, after all!

Manda said...

So does this mean there's a possibility that you might be moving to LA? If so? LET'S BE FRIENDS?! I know we just "met" and all, but I have to tell you that the prospect of a new buddy kind of got me excited!!