Friday, March 20, 2009

Seven Quick Takes...

ONE. Last week I bought some toddler-bed sized bedding for Christopher's new big boy bed. At some point in the past, I told him we were going to get a car bed and showed him a picture of it online. And then, as is the Mommy Way, I forgot that we ever had that conversation. This morning, WEEKS LATER, I said to Tim, "we need to figure out what we're going to do about the bed," as we found one on Craig's List that would be PERFECT....that is, IF decide to go with the little person bed over a twin. Immediately upon hearing that, Christopher says, "Me night night! purple! vroom!" His little heart was already broken over the fact that his bed is not going to be purple. And now, his heart-crushing mommy is going to return the bedding and stomp on his dreams of sleeping in a "Vroom Night Night." Very sad.

TWO. As I type, my husband is having a nice chat with my mom on my cell phone. On speaker. We always use the speaker phone. I love that. And I love that Tim is so wonderful that he can have big long conversation with my mom, or my girlfriends, or WHOMEVER it is that I'm supposed to be talking to while I sit here and type away.

THREE. There is a homeless guy who lives in the creek about 100 yards from my front door. Last week, Tim saw a handful of teenagers trying to burn down his encampment. We called the police - two issues, of course: fire PLUS potentially unstable homeless guy living outside my door. He disappeared for a while, but now he's back. This makes me incredibly uncomfortable.

FOUR. Christopher has become the Boss of Everyone. The most common words I hear are, "No! No! Beep Beep! (when he wants you to move)" or pretty much anything else that ends with an exclamation point. We've started counting to three before handing down punishment which currently consists of sitting on the stair for about a minute. So the other day I said to him, "Christopher, I'm counting to three. Come out from behind that chair or you're sitting on the stair." I started my long, drawn out counting. "Onnnnne...." Immediately he says, "two! three!" I was laughing so hard I had to leave the room.

FIVE. Poor Jake is still sleeping in the playpen. He looks like a giant trying to fit into a doghouse. I'm thinking that this is more of a contributor to the night wakings than I previously considered, as he can't even roll over onto his tummy without hitting the wall of the crib and then flopping back onto his back. I wonder if this is going to become one of those things that he brings up as an adult, "and you even made me sleep in that playpen until I was 10!" Such is life for Baby #2.

SIX. I have completed day 16 of the 30 Day Shred and I have to say, WOW! Not only has it gotten remarkably easier as the days have gone on, but I'm actually seeing a difference. My body is changing. Yes, it's getting smaller...but it's also getting SCULPTED. I've never been SCULPTED. It's fabulous! Don't get too excited, I'm still far more squishy than toned, but we're getting there so stop raining on my parade.

SEVEN. This week I cleaned off the tops of my washer and dryer. Aren't you proud of me! I FINALLY emptied out the Baby Bath Tub that was filled with STUFF and that had to be moved every time I wanted to do a load of laundry (Jake has been in the big tub with Chris for quite some time now) and now I can leave the laundry doors open without being mortified that someone will discover my hiding place! Victory!

...More quick takes?

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